Cooking School


The best team building or time spent with friends eating great food and drinking great wine.

In an excellent atmosphere under the supervision of our chef Erik Volko you can cook everything by yourselves, and, of course, then you eat it together. Choose from the topics that you are familiar with or that you would love to discover. Our courses are for all the gastronomy enthusiasts who enjoy trying new tastes and ways of cooking or are simply improving the classic.



MARCH 21st Mexico
price 65 €/person
APRIL 25th India
price 65 €/person
MAY 23rd Fish and salads
price 65 €/person
JUNE 20th Barbecue
price65 €/person
SEPTEMBER 19th Europe - the best of
price 65 €/person
OCTOBER 24th Asia - the best of
price65 €/person
NOVEMBER 21st Steaks
price 75 €/person


Dear guests, you can also book a private cooking school with our chef, on a topic that interests you, one of our Mondays or Tuesdays, when we are open until 3 pm, number of people: 10.

GIFT VOUCHERS remained at the price of 50 euros, but unfortunately, although we are extremely sorry, due to the extreme growth of raw materials and energy we can not keep the price of cooking schools, ie that the difference will have to guests who have purchased gift vouchers, pay extra.

Given the dates of cooking schools, we will always have to follow the current anti-epidemiological measures in force at the time, so please monitor and comply with them.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Erik Volko chef